What we do is both for us and stakeholders

Unlike the majority of public companies we do not prioritize "stakeholders profit".
In our everyday economic activity we put ourselves first.
Being directly engaged in working process we receive profit, pass through life stages, grow individually and mentally, which brings good impact on stakeholders.
As a result, all of it brings profit to all of our stakeholders.

We do not rely on networks and connections

Networks and connections are a single part of a serious power.
But we do not not do out job for networks or connections.
We do not need to depend on those, since our services are exceptional.
Networks and connections will only bring true value upon superb skills and sincerity of a human nature.
We are not a company that relies on networks and connections, and we avoid this kind of companies.

We do not praise anyone

Even if strong company will appear in front of us, we are not going to praise them.
When funglr was founded we praised so many startups' VPs and managed to raise several hundred millions of initial funding.
But we spend too much effort on talking up investors. As a result the quality of our work and services decreased and lots of companies were liquidated.

We are a group of creators and funglr has a power of creating from nothing.

The moment we start praising others we will prove to the society that 'funglr is nothing'.
And unlike other companies funglr exists because there is 'something', and we do not need to praise anyone.

After all, what is funglr?

To put it simple, funglr is an IT general trading company.
We are strong in IT and we have penetrated several markets worldwide with various services.
Ever since our businesses became successful we are independent.

Of course we didn't succeed in everything. There were a lot of failures and in order to keep developing our successful businesses we keep challenging ourselves every day.