Many companies perform their business mainly focused on web content service or mobile apps in the Internet industry of these days.

However, for any kind of internet services, it is a web server, high-superior infrastructure facilities, and an optimized network to support the systems to work properly.
We provide those technologies all together to our customers and help their business run faster and better.

Data Center


We provide internet data center services to corporations.
Our offices are located not only in Japan, but also in some Asian countries to meet the needs of overseas markets of today’s society.
We also Develop our originally designed servers.

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funglr is also a leading provider of outsourcing.
We outsource our professional engineers for helping your business.
We outsource the technical supports such as designing & development of web servers, network construction, system development, and media operation to help our customers consistently from the physical layer to the content layer.

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Web Development

Web system development

We develop reasonable yet superior web systems with our original framework and LAMP (Linux+Apache+MySQL+PHP)
Our web systems can be used in operational systems and Web browser.
You can update, protect and operate them easily without depending on devices or OS.

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We sell our own products on our EC websites.The EC market is rapidly growing.
However, for the most part, it is because of the major big mall sites.
We do server construction, protection, and operations by ourselves.

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