We offer corporations the internet data center services.
Our data centers are located not only in Japan but also in some Asian countries to meet the needs of today’s society’s overseas markets.

We have data centers in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

We provide each customer the best data center to meet their needs. We offer the best data center locations for customers based on the colocation menu, the best area for disaster recovery and the most convenient area where our managed service is available to use for each client. We offer data center internationally for running global sites of your business in Asia.

Tokyo Data Center

Tokyo Data Center

We rent out data center spaces in Shibuya-ku, Koto-Ku in Tokyo. We provide total services for housing, hosting, maintenance and operations.
Our data centers which located outside of Japan are directly connected to our main data center in Japan so that we can provide the stress-free communication speed between Japan and Asian countries.

Asian Data center

Asian Data Center

We offer data center services from Taiwan and Hong Kong to meet the needs of today’s society’s overseas markets.
By using the direct network connections between Taiwan – Japan, and Hong Kong – Japan, we make it possible to construct the fast and stress-free network system.

Secure, reliable and flexible servers

Cloud and VPS are the most popular systems in today’s server infrastructure industry. However, we will cover contents that can not be dealt with Cloud, such as compatibility with security measures and software that can not be operated unless it is a dedicated fully managed server specification.

  • Project Management

    We provide management tailored to project such as action progress, sharing tasks, unique monitoring system specialized for operation.

  • We offer all of the infrastructure

    We offer all-in-one from hardware to middleware, from design and implementation to operation and maintenance.

  • Since it is dedicated, it is possible to design it free

    It is possible to design freely and high spec that can not be realized by Cloud and virtualization server.

  • Choose the best server for your budget

    Usage varies by customer. We prepare the optimum server environment according to your budget and usage.

  • Overseas location is also possible

    A data center can be prepared not only in Japan but in Asia to meet overseas expansion needs.

  • Sense of speed due to venture

    Flexible response and speed as possible because it is a venture. Accelerate your business’s speed.

Each Specs・Main Services

Location Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Koto-ku Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Power supply 4KVA~6KVA(Depend on the place)
Line 100MbpsShared type line (best effort type)
Initial design OS / Mitdleware settings, Network settings
Final design Monitoring system design, failure handling flow preparation, procedure preparation, operation test

For inquiries about data center service and full managed servers, please use the link below.