Best engineers to your business

We provide outsourcing services and send our skillful engineers to you for helping your business. We provide the technical supports such as designing & development of web servers, network construction, system development, and media operation to help our customers consistently from the physical layer to the content layer.

We train our engineers with our original training curriculum

Realforce(For about 20000JPY)An engineer who's coding a program

Our company’s advantage is our advanced technology. We teach and train new engineers without experience with our original training curriculum, so our engineers can learn practical skills in a short period.Our special training course is tailored to the needs of industry professionals and rigor with applications to real-world situations.

Most of our training curriculum focus on learning by real-world experiences rather than classroom training, so our engineers learn by working on machines. The senior engineers will alway be there for you to help and support.

Since being conscious of the sense of speed is inevitably necessary for working as a team at funglr, and each employees’ independence and aggressiveness are critical.

We believe that this kind of working environment will help to enhance employees’ communication skills and help engineers to have the ability to handle any situations.

We cooperate with more than 100 partner corporations

We also have lots of partnerships with various corporations outside of the office, so we can find the right match for our customers’ needs and offer the best outsourcing service whenever our customers need our help.

Services we can provide

We can offer customers not only technical and creative services but also office related services such as administration

Technical Services

  • System architect of communication, finance, security and insurance
  • Operations management of large-scale networks
  • Planning, development and operations of games for smartphones
  • Database management of large-scale web sites
  • Development using Java・C・PHP・Perl・Shell
  • Development of General-purpose programming language such as Cobol

Creative Services

  • Coding with HTML・CSS・JavaScript
  • Designing using PhotoShop・Illustrator
  • Planning, development and operations of games for smartphones

Office Services

  • Telephone support ・miscellaneous business
  • Software operations at office ・office work support
  • Customer support ・Reception

How to request the outsourcing

  • Inquiry

    Please send us an inquiry form from this site.

  • Hearing

    Our staff will listen to your requirements and find a perfect match for your needs.

  • Placement

    We send you the profiles and skill charts of the matched talented person via Email.

  • Interview

    If you find the person the right match, we will set up an interview with you and the person.

  • Contract

    Sign in the contract and the loan will start.

Please contact us from below for an inquiry about outsourcing.