Web System Development

We are the experts of LAMP


We develop the systems as commissioned projects in a LAMP environment (Linux + Apache + Mysql + PHP) with our broad knowledge of web system development and web system operation.

Development Achievements Introduction

  • ASP type mail delivery stand

    CustomerSystem Development
    Introduction scaleAbout 20 servers under LAMP environment

    We have recombined the core distribution part of the existing distribution stand system into “our proprietary mail delivery engine”.
    As a result, the maximum number of distributions in the past has doubled.

  • Mail distribution stand for company members

    CustomerMedium sized EC
    Introduction scaleAbout 5 servers under LAMP environment

    We have replaced all delivery stations developed by customers on a new distribution stand that used “Gamma”.
    We used gamma for the core distribution part and our web UI part was newly designed and developed by our company. As the distribution limit was greatly increased, the number of servers decreased, which led to lower operation costs.

  • Domain acquisition system for resale

    CustomerWeb Production Company
    Introduction scaleAbout 2 servers under LAMP environment

    In order to do domain sales, acquisition and management for the client for web production and all by our company, we developed our domain registrar by utilizing the API of the domestic major domain registrar.
    By not only acquiring domains but also offering DNS servers etc, our clients, Web production companies, now can offer full web solutions to their customers.

  • In-house dedicated domain acquisition system

    CustomerSEO company
    Introduction scaleAbout 2 servers under LAMP environment

    For SEO companies who frequently acquire domains for satellite sites and links, we developed our own domain registrar.
    By becoming able to acquire domains at cost, it led to cost reduction. In addition, it provides back order function, which is not found in registrars in Japan, making it easier to acquire expired domains.

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