1.About Our Designer Career

About Our Design Careers

We are a professional web server corporation. We value the importance of designs and we have designers who pay great amount of attention to the aesthetic visual solutions. We believe that good design is essential for products and services for great web systems and web servers.
Design considering UI / UX, and markup.. In fact, customers and end users will not touch the backend.
By providing an excellent front end, it is the job of our designer to serve so that everyone using the Internet can use it more satisfactorily.

2. Differences from other company designers


Recent web companies have a tendency to divide the work of the front end into “design” and “markup”. In funglr, we divide the work by “back end” “front end”. In other words, our front end designer is in charge of all front end jobs, from design to coding.
You will also conduct a wide range of tasks including access analysis, web master tool analysis and measures.
The jobs also include taking photographs, creating business cards, corporate website, corporate brochures etc.

3. Launch of own Web content service

Fungler is actively launching Web content service of employees.
At that time, we are launching not only for profit-oriented projects but also for reasons such as “interesting” and “enjoyable”, and actively doing site M & A etc.
The initiator will be responsible for domain acquiition, making contract of the rental server, DNS setting, and content creation from scratch with a CMS such as WordPress.

Job Details

Job Description Design and coding services offered by our company
Job Type Full-time employee
Qualification · 2+ years of professional experience(regardless of types of employment)
· Photoshop, Illustrator skills
· Knowledge of HTML 5, CSS 3
· Knowledge of the Internet
· Experience that you have launched a website from scratch with your own design using CMS such as WordPress
* Those who can travel abroad are welcome
Holiday Weekends & National Holidays, Summer holidays, New Year’s holidays
Working hours 11: 00 ~ 20: 00 (1 hour break: 8 actual working hours)
Place of Work Torrance, CA
Salary $3,000 /mo ~ (by skill / experience)
Benefits Various Insurance Available, Transportation Expenses Paid, Device Paid (Negotiable)
How to apply Please contact us from the inquiry form