There is a limit to pleasure that the body obtains, but there is no limit to the pleasure that intelligence brings


Internship experienced employee Kohei Ono, Joined company in 2014

I’m Kohei Ono, a first generation internship student. After graduating from Meiji University, I got experience in other places for 1 year and then joined funglr.

funglr’s internship program began in autumn 2013. I participated as a first-generation of that. I usually decide to participate by referring to examples of the past. However, the content of funglr’s training system was very substantial and it was not comparable with other companies. I felt the vibes. In other words, I thought that I could input various knowledge and change it to my own originality and output it.

There is a limit to pleasure that the body obtains, but there is no limit to the pleasure that intelligence brings


What is the charm of funglr?

· It is comfortable because there is no bias
· Curriculum in which you can acquire technical skills with leeway
· Pleasure brought by drastic intelligence you can not get at other companies

funglr is easy to work for and motivation of employees is high

In the office there is a tune that makes me feel high, and employees are full of energy.
While keeping moderate tension, you can calmly perform the task and share the feeling.

Excellent training system

funglr’s training system is a curriculum that gives you technology that you can apply directly to business tasks.
High-skill engineers back you up, so even if you are a beginner you can work on the training with confidence.
Since it is committed to acquire a license of Linux called LPIC during training, after training you can participate smoothly in the actual work utilizing the license.

Work experience not available in other companies

funglr is in the midst of growth right now. You can actively do tasks that are never delegated by rookie ‘s first year.

What do you do on holiday?


I drive with my friends on holidays.
I am doing a hobby band activity,I am charged on holiday.
I am studying the license exam.

Who is fit for funglr?

IT industry is Achurachu person.
funglr use new technology,And flexible company.

What is your mental attitude as an engineer?

I want skill coordinate and Business person infra.
I know is professional engineer is equal professional business person.
Because…professional business person have initiative,And active power.
IT business is many many drastic.
No majority idea,Minority idea required. And get an agree
Gain a consensus,That way…Lose bias,I have a buffer.I doing Bear In Mind.