Even it’s the field you learn for the first time, it will become fun while studying!

Internship Interview

Internship experienced employee, Mayumo Shimoda, Joined in 2015

Nice to meet you. I am Mayumi Shimoda who joined funglr Company in April this year. At college I majored in CG and art at the Department of Arts and Information. I did C language programming in the compulsory lesson of the university and I was taught the foundation of the network, but it was too difficult to acquire it at all.

However, when I was looking for a job, I was attracted by the Fanglr’s words “Even a novice beginner could acquire skills.” Therefore I decided to take a training. Although I could not program at all in the university classes, I was able to do LAMP construction, basic operation of PHP, MySQL after receiving the training. Although you will struggle often while learning skills by receiving training, it will be unexpectedly fun to solve it. If you are interested, please try it.

By the end of the intern you are wanting to know more and more various things


What kind of student were you during college?

I was a student in IT department, and I majored in CG and art. It was a student life that was almost unrelated to the program and I was constantly chased by the project creation.

What brought you to know funglr in the first place?

I learned it at the event of a student information magazine ‘s new graduate job hunting support project. In the company introduction, I was attracted by the words that even beginners can learn technology, so I thought about taking a training at funglr.

Did you have fun, difficult things while doing your internship?

It was difficult to do such things as building the LAMP environment for the first time. At the same time, it was a lot of fun and I got a sense of accomplishment that I could learn something new. Because everything is new to me, there were many things that I did not understand anyway and I regretted having taken time to understand all the time.

How was your impression of funglr?

I felt that all employees are friendly and have a homely atmosphere.