I would like to challenge everything new to me


Internship experienced employee, Yurika Tashiro, Joined company in 2015

Hello. I am Yurika Tashiro, who graduated from college in March 2015 and joined funglr in April. Although I was interested in the IT industry, I was not thinking about getting a job. Because I was studying at non-IT department of the college, club activities had nothing to do with IT at all, and I was not acquiring skills by self-study, so I did not have any knowledge at all.

However, I learned that there is an internship system of funglr during job hunting. What I found most appealing when I got an explanation is that there is a training system for beginners to become an engineer. I have been interested in the IT industry, so I thought this was an opportunity and decided to participate in the internship program. After the internship I decided to join funglr, and I was able to succeed in getting qualifications from a state without knowledge or experience at all. There are also a lot of things I do not understand as I have just started studying, but I will continue my studies and I will do my best to become a full-fledged engineer!

I wanted to join the company because I thought “I want to work at this company!”


Why did you apply for funglr?

In an event of job hunting, I learned that funglr has an internship program. I also listened to some explanations at several companies, but since I was interested in funglr’s atmosphere and work content I applied for an internship. After that, I participated in the internship for 3 months and hoped to join funglr because I thought “I want to work at this company!”

What kind of student were you when you were a college student?

I was doing activities in the media – newspaper creation in club activities, movie creation etc in the circle. Until the retirement from club activities in my 3rd grade, October, I was always living in due time. Also, because I was not good at talking to people, I was working part-time in an izakaya with my free time to get used to it even a bit. Besides, I often went to dinner with my friends. This way, I was living a student life that had nothing to do with IT at all.

How did you feel about actually experiencing internship?

I did not know anything at first, but employees taught me firmly, so I was able to proceed the training smoothly. Also, I could understand things I do not understand little by little, so I enjoyed my internship. The atmosphere inside the company was a friendly one, and I personally felt that it was very easy to work.

Based on the experience of the intern, how would you like to send your life in the future?

Since I am still a cub, I want to challenge everything that I do not understand, and I want to be a full-fledged engineer as soon as possible. Also, since I think that my growth is clearly visible by taking some qualification, I would like to study and acquire any qualifications that matter.

To those who are planning to participate in the internship program

Even if you do not understand anything, if you are interested and motivated, you can achieve your wish. I did! It is a waste of time to worry if you are interested in anything. I look forward to working together.