1. About programmer job


In funglr, development in the LAMP environment is the main work.
You can engage as a whole with Agile system, upgrading existing systems and devising and constructing new services.

2. Differences from other programmers


Recent system companies have a tendency to share the development work with several programmers. At funglr, we divide the work into “back end” and “front end”. In other words, our programmer is responsible for requirement definition, basic design, detailed design, implementation, testing etc. from the beginning to the end.
Because you make a plan and build it yourself, you can experience highly creative work.

3. Actively exploit new technology

Fungler is actively launching Web content service of programmers themselves.
Instead of focusing on earnings, we start new projects for the reasons of “want to use”, “want to try”, and “interesting”. By using new technologies and APIs, we develop Web services, smartphone applications etc., and do release promotions collaborating with designers.

Job Details

Job Description Development of services and products provided by us
Job Type Full-time employee
Qualifications · 2+ years of professional experience(regarthess of types of employment)
· Development experience in LAMP environment (self study acceptable)
* Those who can travel abroad are welcome
Holidays Weekends & National Holidays, Summer holidays, New Year’s holidays
Working hours 111: 00 ~ 20: 00 (1 hour break: 8 actual working hours)
Place of Work Torrance, CA
Salary $3,000 /mo ~ (by skill / experience)
Benefits Various Insurance Available, Transportation Expenses Paid, Device Paid (Negotiable)
How to apply Please contact us from the inquiry form