In funglr, training for acquiring business manners and engineering skills are carried out for new recruits and internships, and we are focusing on strengthening human resources to increase the number of professional engineers.

We will conduct training using OS called Linux. In the training, we aim to acquire the qualification of LPIC which is ultimately the international judgment standard of Linux skills. At the same time, we aim to train communication skills and fundamental skills as a worker by conducting collective training, Q and A session on task assignments, and presentation report on achievements.

Training environment


Group training at the desk and technical acquisition at the server center

Training styles include group training at the desk, technical mastery at actual server center, and lectures and others that utilize self-study tutorial materials etc. according to the needs for qualification acquisition. In group training, trainees sit face-to-face with each other at the same table, and sometimes they will share necessary skills while confirming each other’s training results.


Lecture while actually assembling the server

Also, since the server is prepared inside the company, it is possible to practice while actually touching the parts, which can not be learned with only books and the Web.

While actually checking the name of each part, we will continue training while understanding the difference between usual PC and server.

Master essential skills as a worker



During the training, two presentations are planned, intermediate presentation and final report presentation. You will develop presentation skills to convey to the audience the system that you made.

Regardless of the specialty field you are assigned, you learn concretely how to apply the knowledge learned in the work and the acquired qualifications to achieve results and to utilize on the field.

Learning skills as a system engineer as well as business skills as a professional worker

In training, we will advance tasks while acquiring teamwork, communication skills, and presentation skills as a member of society, such as complementing each other’s advancement and deficiency.

Training flow

  • Orientation

    Overview: Training, environment, Employees, business etiquette

  • LAMP environment

    Installing Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

  • Database control

    Various tunings and DB control in SQL in LAMP environment

  • PHP programming

    Simple PHP programming in the constructed LAMP environment

  • Presentation

    Summary of the training and presentation

  • Acquire LPIC

    Learning practical skills by Linux and certification

In the past training, we created the “Bulletin Board System”, “Employee Management Ledger System” as the final tasks, “Rock-paper-scissors game”, “Household account book software”, “Sugoroku game” etc using shell scripts.

In addition, we are interviewing employees who conducted training. Please see it from the link below.

Job Details

Training · Construction of system (LAMP) environment and understanding of network
· Understanding basics and setting up / operating Linux
· Creating and manipulating databases using MySQL
· Designing and creating programming using PHP
· Developing applications by linking Apache + MySQL + PHP
· Basic operation of MicroOffice
· Simple Business Manner Training
Type of Job Internship
(Solely for skill acquisition, no actual work is done)
Qualifications · University, vocational school graduate(anticipated)
· Students who have not received job offers
If you are interested in IT, those who want to have a marketable skills, have a love of making things – any incentive is fine. New and previous graduates are welcome.
Training schedule On weekdays within 11: 00 ~ 18: 00
※ For students, it is possible to consider shifting according to class.
Training period 2 to 3 months
※ For students, it is possible to consider shifting according to class.
Training place Torrance, CA
Compensation · Free lending of specialized books
· Payment of exam fee required for qualification acquisition
How to Apply Please fill out the inquiry form and contact us.